Australian Automobile
Repairers Association (AARA)
A National Industry Sector Committee of the Motor Trades Association of Australia

Industry Activity

The Australian Automotive Industry conducts and supports a wide range of industry based conventions, programs and activities.

Motor vehicle engine parts repair

Industry operators primarily repair motor vehicle engines and parts, and perform regular motor vehicle maintenance and servicing. Smash repairs and electrical repairs are considered separate industries and are not included in this industry summary (Reeves, M. IBISworld, Mar 2019).

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Industry operators are chiefly engaged in wholesaling new motor vehicle and motorcycle parts and accessories (i.e. batteries, car audio systems and motor vehicle and motorcycle tyres). Vehicle manufacturers, part retailers and mechanics are primarily the customers of motor vehicle new parts wholesalers (Thomson, J. IBISworld. Nov 2018).

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Vehicle parts retailing

Industry operators chiefly sell new or used parts and accessories (including automotive air conditioning and automotive batteries) for motor vehicles, motorcycles and scooters. They also sell automotive air conditioning and automotive batteries. Industry involved in the sale of tyres and tubes for motor vehicles, motorcycles and scooters, and the installation of car audio systems and automotive airconditioners is not included. (Youren, M. IBISworld. Oct 2019).

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vehicle wholesaling in Australia

Industry operators usually wholesale new and used motor vehicles to motor vehicle dealers and fleet users/operators. (Yeoh, Y.H. IBISworld. May 2019).

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Automotive electrical service providers chiefly perform automotive electrical repairs and install automotive electrical products. They are not involved in general non-electrical motor vehicle repairs or body repairs (Thomson, J. IBISworld, Aug 2018).

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